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Joy Marble & Tile specializes in the installation of shower doors made of glass. We serve you in a consulting role and help you make the choices that result in a perfect bathroom. You can expect reasonable prices, as well as an accurate estimate that is complete and provided to you up front.

We can replace an existing glass door or help you transform a traditional shower into a more modern experience that allows for more light. We will help you choose the ideal height, weight, and depth for your bathroom. Below are different types of shower glass.

Joy Marble & Tile -- Shower Glass Project


Frameless shower doors provide a clear and sophisticated bathroom look free of unsightly frames or other hardware. A shower door without a frame can give bathrooms a larger feel without adding any actual extra space. These doors seem to hover above the ground, and they have a weightless quality to them that framed shower doors lack.  With the door, panel, and return all made of frameless glass, the entire enclosure practically disappears.

For the ultimate in modern design and appeal, go with a frameless wall shower. These showers can be installed with or without a door, depending on the desired look. Without a frame to clutter the visual appearance, frameless wall showers essentially build a room within a room. Once positioned around the shower, frameless glass walls create a set of partitions that block water spray-off and create a feeling of chic luxury in the bathroom.

Another benefit of frameless shower doors is the ability to present what is behind them.  In other words, glass shower doors can show off the work inside the shower itself, such as beautiful marble tile, for instance. Without a frame to get in the way, the shower itself feels like an extension of the room, rather than an occluded alcove. If you’ve put the energy and resources into having gorgeous marble tile installed in your shower, let people see it by using a frameless shower door as well.

For a more traditional look and feel in the bathroom, semi-framed shower doors are a great option. They come in many colors and configurations, though bronze is a classic look that is virtually always in style.  Semi-Framed shower doors work well for fully enclosed showers, whether with a sliding opening or a more standard style pull door.  In some cases, framed and semi-framed shower doors may do a better job at containing water in the shower area, as some frameless options might not touch the floor.

Another great choice is the framed shower door, a popular option is chrome. Like the silver variety, chrome finishes provide a look that will last for years and stay in style at the same time. To make the bathroom more personalized, you can add a knee-wall in place of a full-height shower wall. Knee-walls are shorter walls about the height of a small set of shelves that allow for glass to be installed above them. Since there is unobstructed area above the short wall, knee-walls create a separation of space while also opening up the bathroom.

For bathrooms that need to maximize every inch of available space, a neo-angle shower door can be a great solution. Semi-Framed neo-angle shower doors are more or less what they sound like: they get installed at angles, typically with three separate pieces of glass that serve as returns for the shower door itself. The frames connect the multiple glass pieces to create a nice angled look without taking up a lot of surface area.


With over 100 combined years experience and a real focus on customer satisfaction, you can rely on Joy Marble & Tile for your next project.  We provide professional renovations and installation services with a real focus on customer satisfaction.  Stop by our Showroom, view our selections and discuss your design ideas with a Professional.  Joy Marble & Tile makes sure we bring your vision to life!

We accommodate any budget & style.  We provide residential and commercial services to the entire Tulsa, Oklahoma region.  We install quality Stone, Tile, Shower Glass for new and custom-built homes, renovations, bathroom, and kitchen remodeling so we can cater to your project needs.  To learn more about our services, please click here.  If you have any questions, get in touch with the experts at Joy Marble & Tile, please email us. 

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  • Do you provide free estimates for my project?

    We are proud to provide free estimates for your project.  Joy Marble & Tile believes in being as upfront and transparent about the cost of our services as possible.

  • Are you licensed and insured?

    Oklahoma does not required a Home Improvement License.  We are insured.

  • How can I make sure my remodeling project is finished on time and on budget?

    Maintaining good communication with the us throughout the project is critical. We will keep you apprised of the timeline throughout, but it’s also important to tell us about your budget at the outset. Being honest and upfront about your needs, time constraints and budget constraints will help keep your project on task.

  • Do I have to worry about any permits?

    No.  Joy Marble & Tile will take care of the permitting process throughout the project.

  • What kind of service should I expect before, during and after my project?

    Before your project begins, Joy Marble & Tile will ensure that your belongings are safely out of the way.  We’ll take the utmost care of your property during the completion of your project, and maintain good communication with you throughout the renovation.  Once the project is over, we’ll stay until everything has been cleaned up.

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